My latest vids
Two videos I made for the tv show Chuck. Enjoy & any feedback is very appreciated. Working on an HIMYM vid now & then looking to do a few for NCIS & Supernatural.

Vid Links
Been real busy with work lately so just thought I'd share the links for my YT vids. Going to be working on several for NCIS soon, so be on the watch.

(Shawn & Henry - Perfect)

(Shules - Things They'll Never Say)

(Shawn - Sexyback)  or

(Angela/Hodgins - Things They'll Never Say)

(I've Been Tagged...Twice)  or

(Carol of the Belles) or Dedicated to my mom.  Vocals are mine.

(Xander/Anya - Serious (Reprise))

(Spuffy - Hot N' Cold)

(Nic & Vic - Crazy for You)

(Kim/Ron - Crazy Little Thing Called Love)

Download links are available for all of these vids as well.  If you are interested, let me know.

Nothing much on tv this week.  White Collar returns on Tuesday & Bones on Thursday.  No Psych till the 27th (A Wednesday!!!) & NCIS is taking the week off. 

Some Banners
Been offline for like half a year now. Made some banners in my free time.

So Close (Shules)Collapse )

It's All in the Cards (B/B)Collapse )

Pretty Much Perfect (Shules)Collapse )

Moments (Tiva)Collapse )

Classic Rat Pack (Neal)Collapse )

Feel free to use if you like, but please give credit. Thanks & comments are love.


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